Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the procedure for this service?

Firstly, you would have to contact us via our official webpage or by email. As soon as we get the mail, we would reply regarding the documents and the information required for the preparation of the certificate. After the information is sent, you would have to complete the payment procedure. As the payment procedure is over, our expert workers will initiate the process of creating the certificate, and you would be able to fetch it within a few days.

Why should I trust for your service?

As a reputed IELTS certificate company, we are collaborated with the official members of these authorities for carrying out the process. Moreover, we assure 100% success regarding the authenticity and legitimacy of the certificates.

Can the certificates offered by you be used for the official purposes?

Definitely. We offer the premium kind of IELTS certificates for the official purposes only. Apart from the guarantee of 100% legitimacy of the documents, we also implement the same kinds of tools and materials for enhancing its originality.

If I order a Real certificate, how will I know you will send me a Real certificate and not a Fake one?

We maintain certain security measures in the issuing of the IELTS certificates as risks are high in this digitalized society. For this reason, we verify the users by sending them OTPs and asking them for logging in with their official credentials. This ensures that the certificate offered by us is genuine and not fake.

Apart from the logging in credentials, what are the other ways of verifying the documents?

For verifying the documents in the finest manner, it is quite advisable to visit the official centers of the concerned authorities.

What is the payment system of the service?

As per the norms of our company, it is compulsory to pay at least 50% of the payment amount for the purpose of security reasons. However, the initial payment is completely dependent upon the total amount.

After registering for the examination, would I be able to avail these services?

Surely you could avail the IELTS certificate services from our company irrespective of the outcomes of your examination. Our company will produce a legitimate IELTS certificate as per your requirements.

With poor grades, would you be able to fix it?

Yes. Only the credentials and basic information is required. The rest would be coordinated by our experts for the enhancement in the grades of the IELTS certificate.

What is the shipping time period of the certificates?

After the completion of the payment procedure, we provide the certificate within a time span of 2-3 days.

After getting the certificate, how will we contact you for further requirements?

You can easily contact us via our website or email address. We hardly change our contact details.

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